Stella McCartney Introduces Mirum Bags Made from Vegan Leather Alternative

Stella McCartney Introduces Mirum Bags Made from Vegan Leather Alternative

You may not have heard of Mirum, but it’s a product you should know about. It’s a new material that serves as a substitute for leather, vegan-friendly, plastic-free, and entirely organic. It represents innovation, a significant driver for the global fashion industry. British designer and prominent figure in sustainable fashion, Stella McCartney, has pioneered the use of this plant-based material in her environmentally friendly accessories collection.

Stella McCartney Introduces Mirum Bags Made from Vegan Leather Alternative
Stella McCartney Introduces Mirum Bags Made from Vegan Leather Alternative

Unlike traditional leather, Mirum is an organic material, free of plastics, and not tested on animals. Developed by the Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) company, it consists of entirely natural components sourced from plants and stands out as a “circular” material with the world’s first 100% recyclable capability. It can also return to the Earth harmlessly as nutrients after completing its lifecycle.

Stella McCartney’s brand commitment to “ethical fashion” has long been established; the brand has staunchly ceased using leather, fur, feathers, or skins since its inception in 2001. With the new Mirum material, McCartney continues to extend her pioneering role and vast sustainable fashion legacy in her collection, including iconic Falabella and Frayme bags, furthering her mission to provide compassionate and sustainable alternatives for animals and the planet.

The Winter 2023 show of the Stella McCartney brand provided a perfect stage to introduce two Falabella and Frayme bag models made from sustainable Mirum material. In her own words, “There is no compromise on desire or durability; the future of fashion is here.”

The global leather industry was responsible for using 1.4 billion animal hides in 2020, accompanied by significant environmental costs. Moreover, the leather tanning process releases chemicals and toxic gases, while livestock farming for leather contributes to deforestation, biodiversity loss, and carbon reservoirs.

Mirum material is meticulously crafted through a three-stage process, using neutral-bio-based and naturally sourced ingredients certified as natural rubber, vegetable-based oils, and colorants such as biochar and rust. Notably, Mirum avoids the use of plastics and conserves water by eliminating the need for leather tanning or water supplementation. Compared to conventional leather and synthetic options, its environmental impact is significantly lower with a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. As a result, Mirum is a luxurious leather alternative with softness, durability, excellent water resistance, and easy maintenance.

The Mirum production journey used for Falabella bags extends from the NFW company base in Peoria, Illinois, to Italy, where it is skillfully handcrafted into Stella McCartney’s accessories.

The Falabella bags made from Mirum material by Stella McCartney brand feature sustainable elements such as recycled brass chain handles, aluminum chain bodies, waste-free zamak medals, and linings made from recycled polyester sourced from water bottles.

The emergence of Mirum is not just a fashion statement; it’s a breakthrough towards a more humane and environmentally conscious future for the fashion industry.

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