10 Fashion Items Defining the Trend Race of 2023

10 Fashion Items Defining the Trend Race of 2023

Dominating social media and enticing our “wallets” countless times, let’s spotlight the 10 items that have made the fashion trend race of 2023 more exciting than ever.

10 Fashion Items Defining the Trend Race of 2023
10 Fashion Items Defining the Trend Race of 2023

Summary: Covered on top, bare below – the emergence of “invisible” pants Reviving the 2000s nostalgia with maxi denim skirts Surpassing Airpods, DJ Headphones storm into the fashion trend scene From the bedroom to the streets with Boxer shorts Making the trend list with Maison Margiela’s Tabi shoes The football shirt from the past Maximizing contemporary personality with Nike Martine Rose’s vibrant color palette Carrying the world with quilted bags Gas station glasses – Not just luxurious but “trendy” The invasion of the bow empire

Post-pandemic, the fashion wheel continues to spin steadily with beautiful wearing trends flourishing, but what’s most noticeable in fashion closets is perhaps the preference for comfortable and highly practical items. With 2023 nearing its end, it’s time for us to sit down, reminisce, and see which items have colored our life’s diary and uplifted our mood during gloomy days. Let’s reconnect with 10 “old friends” who have created waves in the fashion scene in 2023, according to Style-Republik.

Covered on top, bare below – the emergence of “invisible” pants Stepping out of the house after the dark months of the pandemic, 2023 is the year we break free from conventional rules. That’s why this summer, from runways, dazzling red carpets to everyday street fashion worldwide witnessed the “disappearance” of pants. With the help of It-Girls, “invisible” pants have surged forward, continuing to create resonant tones, unearthing new breakthroughs in pushing the limits for women.

Leading the fashion trend with the pantless movement (Photo: @tyrellhampton) Pantless fashion becomes the most hyped trend in 2023 (Photo: @kyliejenner) Not only that, the favor from luxury giants like Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, or Burberry is clear evidence of the significant influence of outstanding designs with seductive protective pants and bare legs prominently displayed, creating a considerable shock to the fashion world in 2023. Closer to expressing freedom in women’s dressing, the pantless trend is paired with other current trends, such as the sheer trend that celebrates the beauty of lingerie and confidently showcases the curves of women.

The denim maxi skirt brings back the nostalgia of the 2000s If the period from 2020 to 2022 saw the explosion of micro, mini skirts, then in 2023, the contrasting trend of maxi denim skirts has truly captured the hearts of fashion-loving girls. No one understands the fashion craving of the delicate gender better than the renowned fashion houses when it’s easy to notice, in the Fall-Winter 2023 collections, the maxi denim skirt is the most promoted design. Gone are the days when fashionistas sought the interesting nostalgia of the 2000s in mini skirt designs. In 2023, the long silhouette with figure-hacking capabilities, high applicability, and diversity in style of the new maxi denim skirts is what fashionistas are looking for.

(Photo: @baa.sanyo)

(Photo: @momentsabloom) Surpassing Airpods, DJ Headphones storm into the fashion trend scene Once items featured in the trendy photos of the 80s, 90s, but then, with the flow of time and the development of technology, over-ear headphones had to yield their place to compact wireless gadgets like iPods and other sleek wireless tech accessories. It seemed like the era of classic headphones stopped only in the memories of Millennials, but in 2023, thanks to the coverage of Instagram and TikTok, headphones officially made a comeback and stormed into the fashion world with trendy remixes. Not only having over 11.9 billion likes on the TikTok social platform, but over-ear headphone designs also received favor from female celebrities from Asia to Europe such as the main character in Sex and the City – Sarah Jessica Parker, Bella Hadid, the “Kim Trendy” Blackpink member or newcomer Huh Yunjin (Le Sserafim),… integrating this tech accessory trend into their daily ensembles.

(Photo: @irisloveunicorns)

(Photo: @hanyuc) From bedroom to streets with Boxer shorts Not only the year of comfort, but 2023 also witnessed the shortening of pants. Leaving the bedroom to stir up every corner of the street, pajama shorts or also known as boxer designs with cotton fabric captured the hearts of ladies and IT-girls with their comfort and high applicability, being able to flexibly transform with any ensemble. With lengths ranging from just above the knee to higher, making the overall outfit youthful and suitable for the taste of many young people pursuing modern style, boxer shorts have certainly brought a breath of fresh air to the summer wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts this year.

(Photo: @badkidhq)

(Photo: @briidgetbrown) Making the trend list with Maison Margiela’s Tabi shoes Representing confidence in unique personal style, Maison Margiela’s Tabi shoe designs deserve to be a unique fashion item on the trend chart of 2023. Although always present in the “most controversial fashion trends” list as the ugliest and least feminine shoes of all time due to the crude toe separation, no one can deny the influence and dominance of this design across social media platforms in recent times.

(Photo: @irisloveunicorns)

(Photo: @blackmaroccan) The football shirt from the past Since the release of the “Pink Venom” MV by BLACKPINK, not disappointing the fashion enthusiasts with the title of Kim Trendy, Jennie has successfully contributed to reviving the Blokecore dressing trend with the Manchester United football shirt. With high applicability and diversity, wearers can combine this sports shirt with any items, from basic ones like jeans, blazers to mini skirts, color-maximized shorts, and accompanying accessories. All have created statement ensembles for street fashion with a strong personality.

(Photo: @sofiamcoelho)

(Photo: @daisybirchalll) Maximizing contemporary personality with Nike Martine Rose’s vibrant color palette Debuted at the FIFA Women’s World Cup opening ceremony, Nike Martine Rose is a special and unique edition, marking the collaboration between Nike and designer Martine Rose. Owning a unique and convenient mule style without laces, helping wearers easily slip on and off, Nike Martine Rose also captures the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with a vibrant color palette like purple with navy blue and orange with yellow.

(Photo: @camillemartinot)

(Photo: @jessylaw) Carrying the world with quilted bags Besides comfort, perhaps high applicability is also the keyword that fashionistas prioritize in filling their fashion closets. Voluminous yet lightweight, retro classic yet perfectly matched with every ensemble from neutral minimalist appearances to colorful accents for fall outfits of bold personalities. This is perhaps the reason why quilted bags quickly attracted the attention of many fashionistas and climbed the trend charts this year.

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