Top Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week, from Coquette to Color Blocking, Have You Tried Them Yet?

Top Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week, from Coquette to Color Blocking, Have You Tried Them Yet?

New York Fashion Week – the epitome of American fashion, held in February and September each year, is gradually coming to a close. So, what do we have?

Top Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week, from Coquette to Color Blocking, Have You Tried Them Yet?
Top Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week, from Coquette to Color Blocking, Have You Tried Them Yet?


  1. Modern Coquette
  2. The Fusion of Comfort and Luxury
  3. Delicate, Transparent
  4. Color Blocking
  5. Playing with Structure
  6. The Rise of “Scarlet”
  7. Everyday Wear with Sparkle?
  8. Non-traditional Wedding Dresses

Coquette, Quiet luxury, or Color Blocking? Is this year’s NYFW as “boring” and “industrial” as it’s often perceived? Let’s explore with Style-Republik!

  1. Modern Coquette Born as an icon honoring femininity in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, Coquette seems to be every girl’s dream worldwide. Remember Chanel Spring/Summer 93 with Claudia Schiffer donning the classic white Coquette, Valentino Spring/Summer 94, or Chloe in 98… It must be admitted that the Coquette of the 90s still exerts the most intense allure. Corsets, short dresses, pearl jewelry, ballet flats, pastel colors – these are the defining elements of this fashion style. However, modern-day Coquette doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. With the resurgence of this trend this year, designers have infused a modern twist into their collections. Sandy Liang, Mirror Palais can show you that Coquette is now friendlier and more “breathable” than ever!
  2. The Fusion of Comfort and Luxury This year at New York Fashion Week, we are witnessing a unique fusion of “comfort” and “luxury.” Sounds “crazy,” right? Everyday clothing items like pajamas and underwear are being transformed and elevated to a luxurious level reminiscent of what we often see in movies rather than on modern city streets. Silk and lace are silhouettes in this season’s collections by Sandy Liang, Collina Strada, and Alice + Olivia.
  3. Delicate, Transparent The transparent trend continues to be popular since its inception in the Spring/Summer 2024 collections. If you regularly follow runway shows, you will often come across famous brands adapting this material for their collections, especially in the Spring/Summer 2024 menswear season. Setting aside the bold designs and revealing cuts of the previous season, we now have a translucent version for this season with Coach, Prabal Gurung, Bronx and Banco, LaQuan Smith, and Eckhaus Latta.
  4. Color Blocking If you’re not a fan of quiet luxury or simply want to add more color (even vibrant colors) to your life, you might consider the Color Blocking trend. Following the Barbiecore craze, colors like neon green, various shades of pink are popular, so it’s no surprise that Color Blocking is becoming a prominent trend on the NYFW runway. From solid blocks of black, yellow, white, red “twisting” on fitted dresses, trousers,… by Peter Do with Helmut Lang to modern pattern designs by Prabal Gurung or colorful stripes at Ralph Lauren,… All are immersed in the space of flexible color blocks with many new looks!
  5. Playing with Structure At least it must be said that this season brings impressions of size, shape, and tailoring. Coach presents a series of oversized blazers, Prabal Gurung with voluminous trousers while Bronx and Banco elevate their love for nature and culture to a new level with “oversized” flowers and alluring flared shapes. Sometimes a simple change in proportion can transform a traditional appearance into a more interesting suggestion.
  6. The Rise of “Scarlet” Obsessed with red, love Ruby Woo, and pursue the “tomato girl” vibe? You’ll definitely find your darling this time as the NYFW Spring 2024 witnesses the rise of Scarlet color – glamorous and seductive with Tory Burch, Balmain, and Sandy Liang in February. We have sequin-adorned outfits by Kim Shui, red leather pieces by Coach, thin knits and woven fabrics at Proenza Schouler, or asymmetrical eveningwear from Palomo Spain,… Anyway, Scarlet is still hot!
  7. Everyday Wear with Sparkle? If you think sequin tops and dazzling items are only for special events and evening strolls, think again. It turns out that adding a bit of sparkle to your daytime can be a perfect way to stand out. In Carolina Herrera’s show, a silver sequin midi dress was paired with meticulous black shirts, creating a completely convincing option for everyday work attire. Meanwhile, Puppets and Puppets used sequins on flared dresses and wide-flared shapes for a dreamy stroll, and Wiederhoeft truly shines in every detail from gloves to short dresses to travel outfits… “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”
  8. Non-traditional Wedding Dresses Traditional wedding dresses may be long and formal, but more and more couples are opting for unique wedding ceremonies – whether it’s a courthouse wedding or an intimate party – and wedding (or wedding-appropriate) designs are trending at New York Fashion Week also carry the same energy. Mini bridal dresses full of allure have appeared in the shows of Christian Siriano, Tory Burch, and Wiederhoeft – especially in Wiederhoeft’s collection, there is a dress on the runway and one from the previous season sitting front row, worn by Julia Fox. Additionally, we have Michael Kors, Khaite, and Alejandra Alonso Rojas with pure white hues. In conclusion, there are no more rigid rules when it comes to weddings or the outfits you wear on that joyful day, and we can’t wait to see who will step into the aisle in elegantly mixed outfits, sophisticated shirts, or mini dresses with impressive bridal crowns.

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