Exploring Jewelry Trends from the Spring-Summer 2024 Runways

Exploring Jewelry Trends from the Spring-Summer 2024 Runways

We’ve already predicted clothing trends from extravagant journeys from LA to Shenzhen (Chanel), seductive trips along the Champ-Elysées featuring the eclectic codes of Louis Vuitton, and Vogue also just gave some initial hints about “The key bag 2024” promising to become this year’s It-bag for someone, but right now, let’s explore the “Jewelry Trends from the Spring-Summer 2024 Runways” to enrich your wishlist!

Exploring Jewelry Trends from the Spring-Summer 2024 Runways
Exploring Jewelry Trends from the Spring-Summer 2024 Runways


  1. Bold Bracelets
  2. Boho
  3. Animal-inspired
  4. Circular Jewelry
  5. Floral Wings
  6. Hair Ornaments
  7. Chain-link Jewelry
  8. Bold Bracelets The trend of bold and daring bracelets on the Spring-Summer 2024 runways is a standout. Loewe, Tory Burch, Blumarine, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani… and a host of fashion houses this year are ready to showcase them! At Loewe, we have chunky bracelets (made from shirt cuffs) in yellow and purple combined with leather stitching and Delphic dresses reminiscent of Lynda Benglis’ sculptures prominently displayed on the runway, while at Tom Ford, they reflect the minimalist yet alluring style of the 90s in Peter’s Hawkings’ debut collection for the brand.
  9. Boho The inspiration of “immersing oneself under the sun and feeling the sea salt in the air” always seems to appear on the runways at various times. Adorning oneself “carelessly” with beads is entirely appropriate for those “desires” for freedom and enjoyment rather than the mundane office work that designers want to convey. Silver bead chains worn with asymmetrical dresses at Burberry, CC symbol-stacked necklaces at Chanel (perfect to pair with the brand’s flip-flops) or bold shell necklaces and earrings from Casablanca,… all surely make you want to immediately forget about work and “have a beach trip”!
  10. Animal-inspired After strolling around a relaxed beach with a Boho style, how could we miss the opportunity to admire the vibrant “animal kingdom” alive on the catwalk designs this season? It might be hard to believe when the world seems to be leaning towards “minimalism and silence,” why complicate the details and jewelry into enlarged, minimized animal shapes that should belong to maximalism (not being much “hyped” at the moment). But that is indeed happening on the runways, and you won’t be disappointed. From sparkling butterfly-shaped earrings (Blumarine), metal dragonfly necklaces with gemstones and pearls (Erdem) to snake-shaped necklaces coated with lifelike paint by Y/Project,… the response from fashion enthusiasts to these brands must admit is quite impressive. Instead of familiar shapes and inspirations, the runway takes fans to a “Spring-Summer animal museum tour” where we can witness the “vivid animal prototypes” collection.
  11. Circular Jewelry Circular jewelry is quite familiar and is one of the timeless styles favored by the public. This season, leather-wrapped, gemstone-embedded, pearl-adorned, and snug-fitting circular designs are how you’ll see these types of jewelry on the runway and possibly “appear soon” in your jewelry box.
  12. Floral Wings Don’t misunderstand these as flower-inspired jewelry with the scent of blossoms (of course, they’re still beautiful), but designers have raised the bar when it comes to “bloom” on the Spring-Summer 2024 catwalks. Roses are the most prominent motif, and you won’t find any bigger blooms than the rose-shaped earrings by Palomo Spain or the flower-filled tops at Simone Rocha. Elsewhere, we encounter gardens full of inspiration with dangling flower earrings by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood and Holzweiler. Finally, you surely can’t “overlook” the everlasting unique camellia flowers at Chanel.
  13. Hair Ornaments This time, let hair ornaments be the new evening wear accessories, ready to shine at your party. Just look at Tory Burch’s intricate hairpins designed as sparkling spider webs, Stepford Wives-inspired feminine bow hair clips at Versace, or Balenciaga’s hair ties, not adorned with gemstones but… a familiar house key is enough to make us excited to wear them for the upcoming festive season date.
  14. Chain-link Jewelry Similar to circular earrings, chain-link jewelry accessories are always candidates for a “timeless investment” without worrying about going out of style. Embracing this trend, chain-link items are sure to be present in the jewelry trends lists from fashion magazines. Chunky chain-link bracelets featured in the first runway show by The Attico, thick transparent bracelets at Sacai, delicate chain necklaces by Kiko Kostadinov and Rokh, long gold chains at Tom Ford along with the luxurious “pirate treasure” chains at Louis Vuitton will be the worthy suggestions for your next jewelry piece to own.

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