Autumn/Winter 2024 Fashion Season: Embracing Practicality Over Extravagance

Autumn/Winter 2024 Fashion Season: Embracing Practicality Over Extravagance

As another fashion season passes, it’s time once again for the fashion world to embrace new trends, promising exciting changes for the future of fashion.

Autumn/Winter 2024 Fashion Season: Embracing Practicality Over Extravagance
Autumn/Winter 2024 Fashion Season: Embracing Practicality Over Extravagance

Summarizing the content:

  • Seriousness from Corpcore
  • Classic scent from argyle prints
  • Reversed collars
  • Art of camouflage
  • Playfulness with silhouettes
  • Obsession with fur coats
  • Oversized shoulders transcending time
  • Sparkling “feather” ensembles
  • Legendary “Le Smoking” silhouette revived

Following a strong wave of quiet luxury on every trend ranking board, the fashion landscape is becoming increasingly realistic, no longer as fanciful as in legends. In contrast to the dazzling skies of the recent Haute Couture week, the Autumn/Winter 2024 fashion season paints a practical scene for fashion.

Matthieu Blazy, creative director of Bottega Veneta, once shared: “I am interested in creating extraordinary things from everyday details.” And perhaps that is the “guiding light” for the mood boards of the Autumn/Winter 2024 fashion weeks.

Instead of focusing on surreal or even “unrealistic” silhouettes, designers this season invest more in high-quality materials and versatile garment applications. Across the four prominent fashion weeks worldwide, we see a combination of traditional tweed and herringbone fabrics, Aran knitwear alongside argyle prints, reminiscent of a countryside weekend in England. Oversized outerwear made of sheepskin, faux fur, and feathers provide much-needed warmth for the characteristic autumn weather. The positive presence of materials, sparkling sequin details, heralds a more vibrant than usual winter. The legendary Le Smoking suits from Yves Saint Laurent, originally dedicated to his women in the late 60s, still grace the runways. All of this continues to be revealed in the highlighted trends of the Autumn/Winter 2024 fashion season as follows:

Seriousness from Corpcore Corpcore – a favorite dressing trend among young people, inspired by office wear as well as employee uniforms. After a period of “sweeping” every corner of the streets, Corpcore is “revived” on numerous high-end runways. With the chilly weather, classic suits with traditional silhouettes also become ideal clothing choices in the wardrobe. They retain their normal padded shoulders, neither too bulky nor too bold as when influenced by the breath of contemporary fashion trends.

Meanwhile, the waistline is still there, and the trouser legs remain straight rather than the trendy oversized fits. Timeless pinstripe patterns also appear on classic suits by Dilara Findikoglu, Ottolinger, Giorgio Armani menswear, etc. The familiar tie in the office fashion DNA also becomes a spotlight accessory at LaQuan Smith, Hodakova, Ludovic de Saint Sernin shows. At Schiaparelli, traditional ties are creatively transformed into funny hair accessories.

Classic scent from argyle prints Fashion shows during the Autumn/Winter 2024 fashion week take viewers to the serene countryside of England. It’s the weekend, people walk the streets wearing thick, warm layers of clothing made from tweed, herringbone, and classic argyle prints. These styles evoke thoughts of characters like Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited, scenes in Jeeves and Wooster, Mitford sisters’ wardrobes, and the royal casual style of Balmoral. Chloe and Burberry dye these designs in a nostalgic moss green and gold on a long tweed coat and a thick scarf. Sweaters with hidden argyle prints are found in Coperni’s futuristic show, or worn as scarves at Fendi, and extended to wear with long skirts at Tommy Hilfiger.

Reversed collars To cope with the cold of autumn, designers perhaps “magnify” the collars, cutting them horizontally, lifting them up, or even flipping them backward, creating a new batwing collar style in their new collections. Not illogical or rebellious, the new collar styles in the Autumn/Winter 2024 fashion season create an extremely sensual back cutout detail. Chanel applies the backward collar on a long white tweed dress extending down the runway, highlighted by a long cut up to the hips. If Carven “reverses” its thick-shouldered office dress, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini wears a luxurious brown trench coat with a backward collar, accessorized with a bold studded belt.

Art of camouflage The enthusiastic display of camouflage patterns by a multitude of brands in the Autumn/Winter 2024 season is perhaps their reaction to the various wars happening worldwide. Pharrell Williams might be leading this trend. Continuing the grand debut of damoflage patterns at the Louis Vuitton Menswear show, Pharrell showcases the art of camouflage with new patterns in his second collection for the French fashion house. It’s a desert scene in the Far West, resembling the background of the show.

The Institut Français de la Mode connects with nature with a giant, quilted coat, similar to a pile of dry leaves where soldiers often hide on the battlefield. Marni interprets it in a gentler, more feminine way with a pink and white camo-patterned pinafore dress. Meanwhile, Knwls’ coordinated outfits are adorned with traditional green moss-colored camouflage patterns.

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