Tom Brady’s Emotional Response to ‘Deflategate’ Revealed by Former Teammate

Tom Brady’s Emotional Response to ‘Deflategate’ Revealed by Former Teammate

Tom Brady was deeply affected by the “Deflategate” scandal that rocked the New England Patriots in 2014, to the point where he broke down in tears while addressing the entire locker room, according to insights from a former teammate.

Tom Brady’s Emotional Response to ‘Deflategate’ Revealed by Former Teammate
Tom Brady’s Emotional Response to ‘Deflategate’ Revealed by Former Teammate

In the latest episode of Apple TV+’s documentary series “The Dynasty,” retired NFL cornerback Darrelle Revis shared memories of Brady’s emotional reaction to the controversy that surrounded the team. The documentary delves into the Patriots’ remarkable run of six Super Bowl victories spanning the 2000s and 2010s.

Brady, then 46, vehemently denied any wrongdoing during the NFL investigation into the use of underinflated footballs by him and the Patriots to gain an advantage in games. Despite his denials and efforts to appeal the subsequent four-game suspension handed down by the league, Brady was ultimately suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season without pay.

Revis recalled Brady’s heartfelt speech to the team during the tumultuous period, where Brady expressed his distress over the situation and asserted his innocence. “You can tell he was distraught. He said, ‘This is something I wouldn’t do. I would not ruin the season for us. The allegations are false.’ He was actually bawling his eyes out in front of us,” Revis shared in the documentary.

Throughout the episode, various members of the Patriots organization and Brady’s family members reflected on the toll the scandal took on Brady and his loved ones. The intense media scrutiny and public backlash against the team’s success added to the strain.

Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr., and mother, Galynn Brady, both expressed the emotional impact of the scandal, with Galynn feeling particularly helpless as a mother watching her son navigate the controversy. Despite the challenges, Brady remained focused on proving himself on the football field, eventually leading the Patriots to victory in Super Bowl LI that season.

Reflecting on the ordeal in the documentary, Brady expressed his desire to move on from the “Deflategate” saga, describing it as exhausting and reaching a point where he had to let go of the negativity surrounding it.

The documentary also highlights the resilience of the Patriots as a team, as they overcame Brady’s absence at the start of the season and went on to achieve success, culminating in a Super Bowl victory against the Atlanta Falcons.

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