The Memorable Wardrobes of Hollywood’s Meanest Mean Girls

The Memorable Wardrobes of Hollywood's Meanest Mean Girls

Setting aside their personalities or devious schemes, the fashion sense and confident aura of the famous mean girls in movies that have been a part of our childhood and adolescence, can turn you from an “anti-fan” to a loyal “fan.”

The Memorable Wardrobes of Hollywood's Meanest Mean Girls
The Memorable Wardrobes of Hollywood’s Meanest Mean Girls


  • High Fashion Femme Fatale – Kathryn Merteuil in “Cruel Intentions” (1999)
  • Y2K Icon – Regina George in “Mean Girls” (2004)
  • Living Barbie – Sharpay Evans in “High School Musical”
  • The Leader – Carla Santini in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” (2004)

Revisiting childhood and adolescence with nostalgic memories of Hollywood high school movies, most of us have had a disdain for the mean girls. However, it’s undeniable that without them, the lives of the main characters would be less interesting. These mean girls always evoke a range of emotions in viewers, not just through their bold personalities and power, but also through their distinctive and extravagant wardrobes. Adorned in luxurious attire and exclusive jewelry, their every gesture and step exude the characteristic aura of genuine “queen bees.” Their closets, as stylish as those of admired heroines, become a special source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts. Here are some of Hollywood’s meanest mean girls with their chic fashion taste that you can’t ignore!

High Fashion Femme Fatale – Kathryn Merteuil in “Cruel Intentions” (1999) In its early days, the fashion in “Cruel Intentions” may not have made a big impression on 90s youth, but over two decades, the teenage cult film’s fashion has remained a hot topic in the fashion world. Not only timeless outfits, but they also serve as the most distinctive metaphor for each character’s personality in the movie. Kathryn Merteuil and her high-end wardrobe are the most authentic evidence. Kathryn is the epitome of a wealthy, ruthless, and jealous girl no one wants to encounter in real life. She embodies the saying “money can buy anything”; if she wants something, she’ll stop at nothing to obtain it. With her hot appearance and sweet yet sharp words, Kathryn traps many guys in her love snares. Kathryn is characterized by a unique wardrobe – overflowing with extravagant items befitting a heiress. Her power is not only reflected in her lineage but also in her black suit, broad shoulders, and hefty presence, trendy at the time. Kathryn’s cruelty and malice are best depicted in cold black tones. Indeed, she often appears in all-black ensembles, interwoven with seductive details. A notable example is when she created an “iconic” moment by wearing a tightly fitting Dolce&Gabbana corset and lingerie inside a powerful suit. Black can also be found in her stylish oversized sunglasses or wide-brimmed hats. Transparent materials, lace, chiffon, and silk are also favorites of this mean girl, enticing the men around her.

Y2K Icon – Regina George in “Mean Girls” (2004) Nearly two decades later, despite the release of many similar films, “Mean Girls” remains the most beloved high school movie worldwide, from content to fashion. Especially, when Y2K became a fashion highlight, “Mean Girls” was one of the best sources and a credible proof of 2000s fashion. “The Plastics” queen bee – Regina George – is undoubtedly one of the representatives of Y2K that the fashion world cannot forget. From her beauty, wealth, stylish blonde hair to her trend-setting wardrobe, Regina always knows how to be the “praised” girl at school. Whenever she appears in public, her appearance is always top priority, as glamorous as possible. Low-rise flare jeans, mini skirts, striped dresses, sweetheart neckline gowns, cardigans, sporty tracksuits, crop tops, baby tees, hoop earrings, shoulder bags are Regina’s favorite and frequent choices. This famous mean girl also delights viewers with outfits “coated” in various shades of pink. Regina has even been a boundless creative inspiration for many runways and trendsetters at school, like when she wore a shiny pink dress when injured at the senior prom or a tank top with two holes at the back for gym class.

Living Barbie – Sharpay Evans in High School Musical Before Margot Robbie became the sought-after Barbie doll, nearly 20 years ago, Sharpay Evans in High School Musical had already “tasted” that glory. This famous mean girl showed us what a “living doll” is when everything around her is dyed pink. From sporty tracksuits, fluffy feather coats, prom ball gowns to tennis outfits, and even costumes for her beloved dog, Sharpay brings a variety of interesting shades of pink. Perhaps pink has never been dull or confined to “girly” or “cheesy” stereotypes, whenever it’s worn by Sharpay. Because they are often adorned with sparkling sequins, dazzling crystal layers, fancy feathers, or sometimes even more “eye-catching” with smooth satin materials. Wearing a mini skirt with jeweled knee-high boots, donning a crown at school, turning a beret into the trendiest hat ever, all are fashion statements only Sharpay can make. Necklaces with “plump” pendants are also one of the characteristic marks of this famous mean girl.

The Leader – Carla Santini in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” (2004) Carla Santini – the rival of the main character Lola Cep in the teen movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” is a not-so-nice girl but with a stylish appearance and impressive looks, she is loved and considered a true female “leader” by the school. To live up to the title bestowed upon her, Carla always appears in the most meticulously invested outfits. Unlike the famous “girly” look of most mean girls, Carla tends to favor designs that clearly express her personality, strong and sometimes a bit sharp. One of them is the leather racer jacket or ton-sur-ton denim outfits. She doesn’t shine as brightly with golden hair, instead, the mean girl in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” opts for a unique style with straightened black hair. If the main character Lola Cep stands out by mixing many standout patterns in her outfits, then her rival – Carla – “prefers” simple combinations that highlight the need for a standout design. For example, how she made the iconic Burberry stripes more vibrant and youthful when appearing from the dress, hat, boots to the bag in an everyday school outfit.

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