TCU Women’s Basketball Faces Challenges After Strong Start

TCU Women's Basketball Faces Challenges After Strong Start

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — TCU women’s basketball, initially enjoying a school-record 14-0 start and a spot in the AP Top 25 under coach Mark Campbell, faced unexpected setbacks leading to forfeits and open tryouts to fill roster gaps.

TCU Women's Basketball Faces Challenges After Strong Start
TCU Women’s Basketball Faces Challenges After Strong Start

The Horned Frogs, hit by injuries to key players like Sedona Prince and Madison Conner, and the absence of point guard Jaden Owens, had to forfeit two games and conduct open tryouts on campus. The team, initially boasting a strong record, struggled to maintain momentum.

Coach Campbell reflected on the swift turn of events, stating, “It just shows how quickly a season can turn.” Despite the challenges, the Frogs managed to secure a 66-60 win over UCF in their first game in 10 days.


The team added four new walk-on players from over 40 participants at tryouts. TCU volleyball player Sarah Sylvester briefly appeared in the recent win.

Injuries, including a broken finger for Sedona Prince and a torn ACL for Jaden Owens, contributed to the team’s difficulties. The Frogs, initially down to only six available scholarship players, had to forfeit games against Kansas State and Iowa State. These forfeits affected Big 12 standings but not TCU’s overall record (15-4).

TCU’s athletic director, Jeremiah Donati, acknowledged the difficulty of the decision to forfeit but emphasized its necessity. While not unprecedented, such actions are unusual in college basketball.

Coach Campbell praised the team’s resilience, saying, “It’s been a special, hard two weeks.” The Frogs aim to navigate the challenges and maintain competitiveness as the season progresses, with key players expected to return from injuries.

Donati suggested that the Big 12 conference might address roster thresholds in the future, acknowledging the impact of such decisions on teams and players.

For now, TCU’s women’s basketball team is adapting to a changed lineup and working to overcome the hurdles faced midway through the season.

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