“Shine Bright Like a Diamond” with Festive Jewelry

"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" with Festive Jewelry

If the sparkle of sequined dresses isn’t “hot” enough to make the festive season more vibrant, then enthusiasts must certainly embellish their appearance with the following dazzling jewelry pieces.

"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" with Festive Jewelry
“Shine Bright Like a Diamond” with Festive Jewelry

Summary: The realm of jewelry belongs to the Maximalism trend. The power of pearls. Magical beauty from floral motifs. Vibrancy with layering necklaces. Jewelry and opera gloves with a twist.

The Christmas atmosphere and party vibes have filled every corner of the streets. Women are busy preparing grand outfits to sparkle in the crowd. Following the “unwritten rule” in fashion or the secrets shared in comprehensive guides on style enhancement, aside from dresses, women must not “forget” to adorn themselves with chic jewelry pieces. Just like dresses, gowns, tops, holiday jewelry sets specific standards with suitable colors, materials, and designs. Here are ideal jewelry suggestions for your festive party look in the end-of-year holidays:

The realm of jewelry belongs to the Maximalism trend Although recent holiday seasons have been depicted with more minimalist and simpler aspects, that vibrant spirit cannot be lost. Evidence is seen in striking color palettes such as red, gold, green, or shimmering materials still favored by women, chosen to curate a perfect wardrobe for the festive season. The presence of Maximalism remains in year-end parties, not only on dresses but also “embedded” into distinctive jewelry pieces. Bold necklaces, long dangling earrings clustered together, “weighty” bracelets, chunky chain necklaces,… will surely be formidable “weapons” for women to attract every gaze whenever they appear. Alongside “grandiose” designs, express the captivating spirit of maximalism by blending complex and daring mixtures of materials in jewelry, such as a combination of pearls + gemstones, metal + beads,… If these attention-grabbing jewelry pieces seem too overwhelming for you, “moderate” them by mixing & matching them with darker, less colorful outfits, as well as simpler materials.

The power of pearls The era where pearls were only associated with classical beauty or royalty is over. In the new era of openness in fashion, pearls have been revealed in many more aspects and their beauty shines brighter than ever. They not only become beloved accessories for elegant, feminine, and sophisticated ensembles but also, this holiday season, pearl jewelry has challenged itself with much more bold and unique versions. Round stud earrings adorned with thousands of small pearls, long floral-shaped earrings combined with pearls and ribbon bows, or necklaces encrusted with a mixture of stones and the ivory hue of pearls,… they will both elevate your overall look and help you explore the different beauty of pearl jewelry. Abstract, peculiar pearl shapes will make your chosen jewelry piece more distinctive. Hairpins or hair clips made of pearls are also ideal suggestions to make you the center of attention at every end-of-year party!

Magical beauty from floral motifs Approaching the new year, with another era of fashion but corsage-style jewelry shaped like flowers still assert their position as a particularly favored accessory. Therefore, it’s natural that the dreamy beauty of flowers must not be absent in the jewelry wardrobe for the holiday season. Flowers at the peak of their vibrancy are “planted” and “nurtured” in a different way. The festive spirit has been vividly and distinctly depicted in more luminous materials, vibrant colors, and much more attention-catching designs. Necklaces, floral earrings, rings, or handbags,… these dazzling flowers will help your holiday look achieve absolute perfection. If afraid that jewelry might clutter your appearance, women can embellish their outfits with a flower-shaped brooch leading the trend.

Vibrancy with layering necklaces “The more, the merrier” – the holiday spirit has been transformed into unique layering necklaces. With the principle of “the more, the better,” in the context of new fashion trends, nobody forces you to adhere to certain necklace standards or you should only wear one necklace; instead, we are encouraged to experiment with ourselves by wearing multiple pieces at once. Layering necklace combinations will make your fall/winter wardrobe less dull and they will be an effective tool to heat up the holiday season. If you are a minimalist fashion enthusiast, a deep plunging black dress for Christmas evening will require a delicate necklace pairing. If you are a true maximalism devotee, don’t overlook various necklace layering combinations with diverse styles, materials, and colors!

Jewelry and opera gloves with a twist Opera gloves are undoubtedly a “headline” always on the list of holiday accessories. Of course, this year’s parties will also be completed by glamorous pairings with chic opera gloves. Previously, gloves and jewelry (the kind worn on hands) didn’t often “meet”, but everything has changed with the breakthrough mindset of the younger generation. Nowadays, wearing jewelry over gloves is one of the most attractive trends in the fashion world, enthusiastically endorsed by famous designers and chic fashionistas. In this unique jewelry wearing style, women should choose bold jewelry designs, if they don’t want the gloves to “swallow up” the accessories. Pearls, crystal stones, metals,… are favorite types chosen by women to mix & match with gloves.

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