Revolutionizing Beauty: Lashify Launches Flagship Store on Melrose Place

Revolutionizing Beauty: Lashify Launches Flagship Store on Melrose Place

Lashify, the renowned DIY lash extensions brand spearheaded by Sahara Lotti, marks a significant milestone with the inauguration of its inaugural store on the esteemed Melrose Place in Los Angeles.

Revolutionizing Beauty: Lashify Launches Flagship Store on Melrose Place
Revolutionizing Beauty: Lashify Launches Flagship Store on Melrose Place

Covering 860 square feet, the boutique is meticulously designed to seamlessly embody the brand’s existing aesthetic. With a staggering 604 patents globally and renowned for pioneering luxury DIY lash solutions, Lashify has witnessed a notable surge in sales from $67 million in 2022 to over $80 million in 2023.

“In conceiving Lashify, I made deliberate decisions,” remarked Lotti regarding the company’s inception in California back in 2016. “I questioned why DIY had to lack sophistication. To me, DIY exudes allure. It instills empowerment. It’s akin to knowing the language versus relying on a translator. I aimed to create something empowering, something that liberates you from dependency on others for your self-esteem and appearance, while also being impeccably crafted and sophisticated. I envisioned the store to embody that exact experience – lavish, high-quality, yet user-friendly and personal.”

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Renowned architectural designer and builder Craig Maldonado was enlisted to bring Lotti’s vision to life. Featuring lustrous black epoxy floors, the decor showcases marble-topped display fixtures adorned with bronze panels and cobalt glass accents. Crown molding with board and batten paneling adorns the walls.

A second-floor mezzanine, illuminated by hanging Tom Dixon lights, serves as an interactive space where patrons can customize their Lashify Control Kit. Additionally, the upper level will host a lounge for the brand’s VIP members as part of its membership program, X – a community of 130,000 shoppers who enjoy exclusive perks for an annual fee of $150.

“It has resonated with various demographics,” Lotti emphasized regarding the brand’s consumer base. “We cater to a diverse clientele, from celebrities to professionals like police officers, attorneys, dentists, hygienists, and individuals spanning from their 80s to 18-year-olds.”

However, the impact transcends mere aesthetics. Lotti recounted instances where lashes played a pivotal role in empowering women coping with disorders and mental health challenges. “We’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of lashes. They’ve helped uplift women battling depression, agoraphobia, and conditions like trichotillomania,” she shared.

Coinciding with the store launch, Lotti introduces the brand’s first foray into makeup beyond lashes with the unveiling of Flush, a pH-activated buildable cheek blush stick priced at $32. Manufactured in Italy, it epitomizes the “no-makeup-makeup” aesthetic, catering to diverse skin tones.

“It’s inclusive,” Lotti affirmed. “It’s designed for individuals across the entire spectrum of skin tones, from the deepest to the lightest.”

Lotti teased an upcoming lip product, with all offerings available at and the Lashify Melrose Place boutique.

This story was initially featured on WWD.

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