Regina Hall Roasts Kevin Costner’s Golden Globes No-Show!


Regina Hall gave Kevin Costner a lighthearted ribbing at the 2023 Golden Globe awards when the actor won Best Actor for his role in Yellowstone. Despite being absent due to the California floods, Costner shared a video on Instagram before the show, where he was standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. Hall remarked, “It looks like Kevin’s having a great time, even if he can’t make it here. Congratulations, Kevin!” 


The 80th annual awards show featured Hollywood stars walking the red carpet in style.

We were all incredibly disappointed that Kevin Costner and his wife, Baumgartner, were unable to attend the Golden Globes due to the devastation of the situation. They even had to take their children out of school. When their win for Best Actor in a Drama Series was announced at the Beverly Hilton, Hall, the presenter, was amused by the teleprompter which stated that Costner “so much wanted to be” at the ceremony. Hall joked, “It’s like, ‘He so much wanted to be–’ no, I’m sure he did.”

Due to the extraordinary weather and flooding, Kevin has been unable to leave Santa Barbara and must remain in place. This has caused Tiffany Haddish to utter a “Jesus” as the audience laughed. She then asked everyone to pray for those affected by the storms, and promised to put Kevin’s award in a safe spot until he could receive it.

Costner revealed in an Instagram video he and Baumgartner would be spending the night at home due to the pandemic. He expressed regret that he wouldn’t be present at the Golden Globes to accept his award, saying, “I’m really sorry to the Golden Globes and the international press, I hope we’re invited back. Thanks”. The actor is a three-time Golden Globe winner and six-time nominee, having previously taken home best actor for Hatfields & McCoys and best director for Dances With Wolves.

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