Pedro Pascal’s Dating History: A Look into His Relationships

Pedro Pascal's Dating History: A Look into His Relationships

Pedro Pascal, the internet’s heartthrob, continues to captivate us with his stunning fan edits and his endearing portrayals as a quasi-father figure in two epic Sci-Fi series. Naturally, we’re curious to know who Pedro Pascal is currently dating and if there’s any chance for us mere mortals.

Pedro Pascal's Dating History: A Look into His Relationships
Pedro Pascal’s Dating History: A Look into His Relationships

The actor, known for his roles in “The Mandalorian” and “The Last of Us,” keeps his romantic life relatively private but is more forthcoming about his familial connections on screen. Reflecting on his recent roles as a father figure, Pascal remarked, “We talked about the fact that he was in The Mandalorian. And you can do the math like: Mandalorian = Joel; Baby Yoda = … but then you realize, actually, no. It’s not the same. The Mandalorian is interacting with a mute, adorable creature — and I love that show. But interacting with a teenager is complicated. Also, the fact they have him covered in a helmet is a huge factor.”

Pascal, who played the video game to prepare for his role as Joel, acknowledges the comparisons between the two shows. “It definitely came to mind,” he says. “As I [got familiar with the game], I noticed there are so many things I’ve seen that visually or thematically reference The Last of Us. Like [the 2017 X-Men movie] Logan. And yes, the trope has been used in so many different ways — you can go back to [the manga series] Lone Wolf and Cub, you can go to Paper Moon. But as far as Mandalorian and The Last of Us existing in close proximity, for me, it’s the best double-dipping I could possibly imagine.”

As one would expect from someone flooded with adoration and confidence, Pascal has embraced the title of the Internet’s daddy, with numerous thirsty tweets, videos, and posts dedicated to him. “Yes, I’m a heartthrob,” he laughed during a Vanity Fair Lie-Detector Test video. “Daddy is a state of mind, you know what I’m saying? I’m your daddy,” he proudly proclaimed. Pascal’s acceptance of this online persona was further emphasized during a red carpet interview for “The Last Of Us,” where he boldly stated, “I am your cool slutty daddy.” His playful acknowledgment of his online presence even extended to a sketch on Saturday Night Live, where he poked fun at his thirsty fan edits.

One TikTok creator, @dvcree, played a significant role in sparking the viral movement dedicated to Pascal. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she explained Pascal’s allure, saying, “There’s just something about him. His vibe is very chill. But he’s active and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. He’s very open about it. And being a part of the community myself, I feel like that’s really important. It feels really good because that means your favorite celebrity supports you as well. He’s older, and he’s mature, and he’s very attractive. He is just… daddy.”

But who has Pedro Pascal dated in the past? While information about his current romantic status remains elusive, here’s a glimpse into his past relationships:

Robin Tunney (2015): Rumored to have dated his “The Mentalist” co-star Robin Tunney in 2015, Pascal and Tunney were photographed together at various events, including a sushi date in 2019. Despite some inconsistencies in the dating rumors, Pascal fondly described his time working with Tunney, emphasizing their friendly rapport.

Lena Headey (2014): Linked to his “Game of Thrones” co-star Lena Headey in 2014, Pascal and Headey were often seen together and shared affectionate Instagram posts. While rumors circulated that Pascal might be the father of Headey’s child, she later welcomed a daughter with filmmaker Dan Cadan.

Maria Dizzia (90s): Pascal is rumored to have dated fellow “Law & Order” actress Maria Dizzia in the 90s, with the two appearing together in an episode of the show.

Sarah Paulson: Though sometimes linked romantically, Pascal and Sarah Paulson share a close friendship. In a conversation in 2014, they reminisced about their long-lasting bond, with Paulson recalling how she welcomed Pascal when he first moved to New York City.

While Pedro Pascal’s dating life remains shrouded in mystery, his on-screen charisma and off-screen charm continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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