No Pants? No Problem! Lingerie Takes Over Global Fashion Runways!

No Pants? No Problem! Lingerie Takes Over Global Fashion Runways!

rom London to Paris, lingerie bottoms have never been more prevalent and diverse on the catwalks of the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion weeks, from Ottolinger and Natasha Zinko to Miu Miu and beyond.

No Pants? No Problem! Lingerie Takes Over Global Fashion Runways!
No Pants? No Problem! Lingerie Takes Over Global Fashion Runways!


  • Natasha Zinko
  • SRVC
  • GCDS
  • Miu Miu
  • Cormio
  • Ottolinger
  • Chet Lo & Jawar

While the trend of using lingerie as outerwear continues to gain momentum this Spring/Summer 24 season, we’ve been witnessing rumors of its presence for several seasons now. It all began when Miu Miu introduced ultra-mini skirts in Spring/Summer 2022, and the length of tops gradually shortened throughout the luxury industry.

Shortly after, beloved fashion week stars including IT GIRLs Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Julia Fox took to the streets in outerwear lingerie, styled with tight pants, moto jackets, and iconic UGG boots. Finally, in Spring/Summer 2023, this trend officially graced the runways of renowned brands like AMBUSH, Givenchy, and Ottolinger. Alongside, trend-setter Miu Miu released sparkling lingerie pieces priced at over $4,000.

The lingerie-as-outerwear trend stems from the aesthetic blend occurring within the Y2K nostalgia wave, featuring sheer fabrics and underwear spilling out of pants. In Spring/Summer 24, this aesthetic has evolved, with lingerie – once only glimpsed layered under unbuttoned pants – becoming the star as pants are entirely eliminated. Furthermore, one clear observation is that this trend is diversifying and evolving constantly, regardless of gender boundaries.

Natasha Zinko:

If the lingerie-as-outerwear trend says “Jump?”, then Natasha Zinko responds with “How High?”. In the “Camp” Spring/Summer 24 fashion show, held in London, the brand showcased its outdoor collection. Models hurried down a grass-covered runway wearing pillow-like shirts, plaid uniforms, and one-shoulder corsets. However, the standout piece in the collection was a dress made from five white lingerie bottoms paired with knee-high boots.


As a newcomer to London Fashion Week, SRVC brand introduced a collection inspired by the dark beach, featuring garments ranging from hoodies to toeless stockings. With unique vacation wear, the brand attracted attention from attendees and fashion enthusiasts alike. For Spring/Summer 24, SRVC introduced multiple lingerie options as outerwear in comfortable cotton fabric.


It was only a matter of time before GCDS, the brand known for its playful and provocative mix, embraced lingerie as outerwear. With past collections featuring SpongeBob SquarePants dresses and glittery cat wallets, the Italian label never shies away from surprises. Leading the charge this season, GCDS offered lingerie in unconventional materials like denim and fleece. The brand completed the look with long coats, thin tank tops, and high-heeled shoes.

Miu Miu:

As one of the pioneers in shortening skirts to ultra-mini lengths, Miu Miu hasn’t overlooked lingerie. For Spring/Summer 24, the brand swapped out traditional muted tones and short skirts for famous speedo-style underwear. In terms of styling, Miu Miu paired fluorescent lingerie with layered tops, from black vest coats to yellow bomber jackets and classic collared shirts.


At Milan Fashion Week, Cormio brand delivered a sarcastic message in its press release: “If she looks hot, you know, with studded belts, lots of pink, full-body leopard prints, captivating knit sweaters, fishnet skirts, off-shoulder tops, or worse, bikinis! Then you know she’s Jezabelle!” The brand made a bold statement against the male gaze and transcended stereotypes with garments honoring all women. The collection included high-waisted lingerie with Y2K patterns ranging from blue and white polka dots to sparkling boxer briefs.


While Spring/Summer 24 wasn’t Ottolinger’s first experiment with lingerie instead of pants, their return to Paris Fashion Week featured a range of new styles. From high-waisted cream lingerie to classic black briefs, the brand solidified its intention to turn this trend into ready-to-wear items. Further evidence of this was a standout orange belt on lingerie pieces in Ottolinger’s runway show.

Chet Lo & Jawar:

At London Fashion Week, the duo Chet Lo and Jawara demonstrated that lingerie isn’t just for women. In a groundbreaking display, Chet Lo presented their vintage spiked fabric as black lingerie briefs. Meanwhile, Jawara adopted a tongue-in-cheek approach labeled “sexy rescue worker,” offering bright red lingerie paired with low-slung belts and rubber jackets.

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