Messy bags are becoming a “craze” among fashion enthusiasts!

Messy bags are becoming a "craze" among fashion enthusiasts!

Messy – an adjective never seen in luxury fashion but in the case of Hermès, we can see this angle through the Birkin bag.

Messy bags are becoming a "craze" among fashion enthusiasts!
Messy bags are becoming a “craze” among fashion enthusiasts!

Summary of Content: The birth of an era icon: The Birkin bag Celebrity passion for Messy Birkin Jane Birkin elevates an icon by making them look “messy” without losing the luxury aspect of the item. This style has inspired the Spring/Summer 2024 collections of Miu Miu and Balenciaga recently.

Scratches, discolored leather in some areas, hooks, and chains hanging on the handle make everything look messy and even include a photo pasted on the front. If Jane Birkin treated men like her handbags, it’s no wonder that her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg had to come to an end.

However, a $10,000 bag filled with stuff and making them look like a cheap item, but the Birkin of the British singer and actress still has its own allure and charm. Therefore, the “Birkin effect” has become a favorite style of many celebrities. They are not only popular on TikTok but also inspiring accessory designers for the Spring/Summer 2024 runway shows.

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The birth of an era icon: The Birkin bag Jane Birkin’s Straw Bag: Inside the Handbag That Led to Hermès Birkin – WWD Jane Birkin’s Straw Bag In 1984, a man observed Jane Birkin trying to keep her belongings from spilling out of her wicker basket. The gentleman suggested she use a larger bag to hold all her belongings, but the actress replied: “What can you do, Hermès never makes bags with ‘bags’.”

Jane Birkin On The Hermès Birkin: How Fashion’s Most Iconic Handbag Was First Sketched On A Sickbag | British Vogue After meeting Jean-Louis Dumas, they came up with the idea of the century Birkin At that time, she didn’t know she was sitting next to the then CEO of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas, who even said “I am Hermès” when he greeted her. The two started chatting, and the actress sketched her design ideas on the back of a sickbag.

She wanted something larger than the Kelly bag but much smaller than her Hermès suitcase. They had to be spacious enough to carry everything she needed, elegant enough to look luxurious on the most sophisticated occasions, yet simple.

The Birkin bag, the world’s most coveted bag, was born by chance but never met all of Jane’s needs. Owning five Birkin bags, she used each one until they were “scratched and worn,” and then sold them in auctions. The entire proceeds would be donated to charity.

Jane Birkin once owned how many Hermès Birkin bags? Later, Jane Birkin became synonymous with the Hermès icon In the past, the actress was often photographed holding the Birkin bag under her arm, stuffed with papers and various accessories. “I think it would be more interesting if something was hung on it,” she said in an interview with CBS, “so I hang my bracelets and bead necklaces when walking, they jingle.”

Celebrity passion for Messy Birkin Julia Fox shows slashes in expensive Hermes Birkin bag after machete ‘attack’ – Mirror Online Julia Fox flaunted her Birkin bag on TikTok From Jane Birkin to the Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan, and Marc Jacobs, they seem to always have a “passionate love” for the “messy Birkin bag.” And thanks to a viral TikTok clip by Julia Fox, the passion is rediscovered through the “effortlessly chic” style. Gen Z has brought back the luxurious messy bags to the fashion scene. People are more curious about the countless legends surrounding Hermès and its most iconic items.

Mary-Kate Olsen Is Onto Something With Her Beaten-Up Handbags | British Vogue Mary-Kate Olsen with her Kelly bag in November 2010. Julia Fox prefers to use this bag regularly instead of keeping it in a glass cabinet. “A Birkin is very luxurious because it shows that the Birkin is not something so special that you have to keep it safe,” she said.

Meet the shopper who found Kanye West and Julia Fox five Birkins Kanye West gave Julia Fox and her closest friends Birkin bags on the actress’s birthday TikToker @prettycript recently commented: “While it’s a luxury everyday item for you, you have to feel comfortable using these expensive things day after day.” And when Fox shared photos of her gray Birkin 25, she said, “I love it, despite it not being perfect.”

The actress enlarged the top of the bag, where you can clearly see a deep cut. Despite this flaw, Fox is one of the stars who own luxurious Hermès bags. Along with the Olsen twins, who own classic Kelly bags from the Indie Sleaze years with very scratchable leather but still maintain their “glow.”

Photos: Marc Jacobs: il préfère porter du Hermès plutôt que du Louis Vuitton… Oupss! Marc Jacobs uses the legendary bag for beach trips The next famous person on this list is undoubtedly Marc Jacobs. When he was young, he often spread a beach towel on Miami Beach, with a Birkin bag nearby. They are very expensive beach bags, but he used them to hold towels and books. Even Lindsay Lohan, who carried a black Birkin 40 for many years with a relaxed look, has joined the long list of women too wealthy to care about the condition of their old bags.

Just follow Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter to see the “Birkin effect” come back. In the SS24 collection, both Balenciaga and Miu Miu designed extremely messy bags similar to those worn by Jane Birkin. And Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna, introduced maxi shoulder bags filled with jewelry, chains, locks, and keys inspired by her story.

Balenciaga SS24 Collection On the other hand, Miuccia Prada’s presentation showed bags that looked more feminine but full of stuff and seemed impossible to close. Inside are shoes, clothes, and all the items they can cram into a bag. Miu Miu also didn’t lack strange accessories hanging on the handle. It can be seen that this is not only a trend but also a bit of “artistic” reality in the fashion world.

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