Identifying Personal Color Trends: Discover Your True Colors!

Identifying Personal Color Trends: Discover Your True Colors!

Surely, many of us have heard of the Personal Color identification method, which is most commonly seen on social media platforms like TikTok and has become a focal point of public attention.

Identifying Personal Color Trends: Discover Your True Colors!
Identifying Personal Color Trends: Discover Your True Colors!

Content Summary Exploring the Timeline of Personal Color Modern-day “Personal Color” Tips for Finding the Most Flattering “Personal Color” First introduced in the 1970s and 1980s, Personal Color emerged with the aim of “enhancing beauty” and is now making a comeback in the beauty arena. By analyzing “colors that suit individual personalities,” one can choose makeup and clothing styles based on hair color and skin tone.

Exploring the Timeline of Personal Color Comparable to the Gen Y generation, “personal color” is a test based on the color theory of Swedish painter Johannes Itten. During a class, his students harmonized colors with facial features, and Itten noticed that the painting became more vibrant. Initially, they were named simply True Spring, Deep Autumn, and Cool Winter, based on color temperature and intensity. However, after several revisions over the years, this system has evolved into more than 12 categories.

While some have shared how Personal Color has saved them time and eliminated the dilemma of whether a product suits them, others believe that this color analysis system is not effective for them. The reason is that everyone has their own unique and independent personality, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all system.

In this age of technological advancement, we can try “online testing”

Modern-day “Personal Color” According to Carol Brailey, an image consultant and color analysis expert in Ontario, this system will yield accurate results if done correctly. The suggested approach is to compare colors rather than relying solely on visual assessment to clearly determine which group a person belongs to.

Personal Color Testing helps us understand our own “essence” There has been a long-standing stereotype: fair and yellow-toned individuals usually suit warm colors, while those with brown skin are better suited to cooler tones. However, this has been proven entirely wrong. Micah Lumsden, a fashion design student in San Jose, Costa Rica, received feedback that she would “match” with the cool, deep colors of winter due to her dark complexion. But she found it odd because they didn’t suit her at all.

To refute these somewhat outdated ideas, Lumsden researched color theories from graphic designers and artists. By experimenting with various colors on her skin, she ultimately determined that she actually suited warm, bright, and fresh hues – akin to what spring brings. She then started a blog and created a YouTube channel called Cocoa Style to provide fashion and beauty advice specifically for black women.

Tips for Finding the Most Flattering “Personal Color”

Jisoo revived the Personal Color trend in a vlog sharing about this topic

Fundamentally, this process is carried out by observing the interaction between light and skin. To reach a successful conclusion, various factors of skin color based on undertone, melanin pigment,… need to be considered. Recently, Personal Color has become more popular after a member of the Blackpink group posted a video about their experience with this service. Particularly, this keyword has garnered over 400 million views on TikTok, and nothing can stop its rapid spread.

There’s a fact that South Korea drew inspiration from Japan’s personal color analysis system to build a more comprehensive system in the present day, refining it to suit Asian skin tones when referencing Western analysis systems.

A smiling Asian woman with blonde hair wearing a pale pink blouse. Yan Jin, a makeup expert who studied color analysis methods in Canada and South Korea Makeup artist and image consultant in Toronto, Yan Jin, said: “The Korean system is a modernized version of previous systems.” From there, she can provide more accurate results and detailed analysis for clients because they are multicultural individuals with different skin tones.

Spring Color Group: Exuding a fresh and sweet appearance, spring girls have warm undertones and are suitable for gentle pastel shades.

Summer Color Group: Despite summer being associated with warm tones, in the color analysis system, they belong to those with cool undertones. Bringing a dynamic and cool feeling, colors like sky blue, lilac, light pink,… are considered “darlings” of this group.

Autumn Color Group: A fall girl will suit neutral tones and warm undertones. Her “personality” will bring the tranquility and warmth of autumn and represent colors like burnt orange, olive green, or earthy brown,…

Winter Color Group: Lastly, the group related to winter exudes a quiet and classy appearance. Those belonging to this group often have cool undertones and bold, intense colors like burgundy, black, charcoal gray, navy blue,…

Study Buddy (Explorer): Blackpink’s Jisoo is ‘dark winter’ – how personal color analysis can find your best hues – YP | South China Morning Post The color analysis chart that Jisoo experienced To find out if a design/product suits you or not, you can try the Personal Color test at home or sign up for experiences at centers. Style-Republik will suggest 2 locations in Saigon and Hanoi with Personal Color Test services in the section below.

Carico Vietnam is the first brand to offer Personal Color analysis services as demand skyrocketed and suddenly became a trend among many young people in Vietnam. With prices ranging from 800,000 VND to 2 million VND, customers will receive analysis from a Japanese staff member with translation support.

In Hanoi, you can visit DVore Salon – an intermediary that connects us with Michiko Taoka in Japan. Besides personal services, they also organize workshops related to this topic, from basic knowledge to test execution. The cost ranges from 500,000 VND upwards, and appointments can only be made from Tuesday to Friday each week.

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