Fashion within the “cinematic” flow

Fashion within the "cinematic" flow

The invisible bond between “fashion” and “cinema” has existed for decades. These two “fields” continuously go hand in hand and inspire each other. However, no one knows for sure which field was the “pioneer” suggesting the first collaboration. Was it fashion helping authors build richer character images, or were the films bringing creative ideas for outfits, cuts, colors, and styles on the catwalk?

Fashion within the "cinematic" flow
Fashion within the “cinematic” flow


  • Mary Janes in a scene from 1995 from “Clueless”
  • Wide belts back on stage since the movie “Klute”
  • Cute hair clips from “The Royal Tenenbaums”
  • Multicolored stockings reminiscent of “Irma la Douce”
  • Opera gloves – symbols of power in “Little Women”
  • Bold Miu Miu apple bottoms adapted from the movie Ciao! Manhattan

This story somewhat resembles the question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, invoking unanswerable questions. And this article will intricately interlace the two realms of fashion and art, selecting the most autumnal cinematic films to suggest the most fashionable trends.

Mary Janes in a scene from 1995 from “Clueless” Throwback Summer Shoes We Can’t Get Enough Of | Vogue Cher Horowitz character in the movie Clueless A charm coupled with innocence that many can’t imagine. But when a girl wears a pair of Mary Janes, only that phrase accurately describes it. During the Roaring 20s or even Swinging London, this type of shoe had a mission to lead fashion into a completely new era.

Originally, Mary Janes were a design specifically for children in the early 20th century, distinguished by the “cross-bar” strap over the instep. And when they reappeared on the catwalks of famous names like Dior, Fendi, Sandy Liang, they donned a new look.

This “modernized” version of Mary Janes paired with snug-fitting stockings was conveyed through images of Alice in Wonderland. This trend can be seen on many celebrities from Olivia Rodrigo to Dua Lipa, but they were inspired by Cher Horowitz rather than Alice.

The $130 Flats I’m Buying to Copy Olivia Rodrigo | Who What Wear Olivia Rodrigo with Norman Maryjane Black shoes In 1995, when the character Alicia Silverstone appeared with a silver pair of Mary Janes, they could “mix and match” with many different outfits. They were always a favorite “item” of this girl.

Wide belts back on stage since the movie “Klute” 70s Fashion: Jane Fonda’s 60s street style in iconic outfits Jane Fonda character in the movie Klute Making an impression on fashionistas in the 1970s, they once again shine in this season’s accessory list. A Maxi belt would be made of appropriate thickness leather with handcrafted metal buckles and other details.

At their peak, contemporaneous fashion icons like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Fonda all owned one for themselves. In the movie Klute released in 1971, the fashion spotlight “crashed into” a prostitute character with eye-catching costumes throughout the film. Costume designer Ann Roth was responsible for creating a modern wardrobe with the “main role” assigned to the Maxi belt.

However, they had to go into “hibernation” when they couldn’t compete with other new trends until 2015. Thanks to the promotion and endorsement efforts of the lead actress, they were able to return to the “limelight” through the Grace & Frankie series.

10 Top Fall/Winter 23/24 Trends Spotted on the Max Mara Runway Max Mara Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Cute hair clips from “The Royal Tenenbaums” Best Margot Tenenbaum Halloween Costume, How To Photos Margot Tenenbaum character in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums Accessories embellishing the overall beauty are not only bags and jewelry. But few remember the hair clips that we loved using as children. Whatever hairstyle, this simple detail will bring a special feeling and a new look.

You can choose clips adorned with bows, pearls, or any cute shapes to embody a playful and cute girl. Even celebrities like Elsa Hosk and Alexa Chung often wear them, but the most famous face is perhaps the character Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Versace and Simone Rocha Spring/Summer 2018 Collection The red accessory is clipped onto the smooth, shiny yellow bob hair like a small detail but making a difference. This detail added by costume designer Karen Patch aims to bring dynamism to the character’s appearance. But we cannot overlook the “contribution” of other accessories such as the Fendi fur coat, the Birkin bag from Hermes, or the striped mini dress from Lacoste.

David Koma Fall/Winter 23 Collection Multicolored stockings reminiscent of “Irma la Douce” Irma La Douce wears green stockings – by Annette Richardson Irma character in the movie Irma La Douce Chasing the latest trends, you can own a pair of colorful stockings in your autumn wardrobe. Versace, Gucci, Miu Miu, Anna Sui, David Koma, Victoria Beckham, and many other brands are back on the catwalk with this accessory.

And the inspiration comes from a classic movie called Irma la Douce by director Billy Wilder. The story begins with a funny Parisian man Nestor falling in love with a girl Irma who likes to wear green stockings.

Opera gloves – symbols of power in “Little Women” Little Women (2019) Meg character in the movie Little Women Autumn with cool breezes and decreasing temperatures, this is also the time when the best-selling season of gloves returns. A pair of opera gloves will surely add authority when you want to become an elegant and attractive lady. Like how Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes attracted the audience – especially the March sisters in Little Women looked like real ladies.

Audrey Hepburn’s style hits Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s The first scenes in Greta Gerwig’s movie, the character Meg (played by Emma Watson), made her first appearance at the Moffats’ dance. The girls wore pastel dresses and opera gloves. While older sister Meg carried the gloves symbolizing social standards to adhere to, her sister Jo refused to wear them to reflect her rebellious nature.

Givenchy Fall/Winter 23 Collection Bold Miu Miu apple bottoms adapted from the movie Ciao! Manhattan Pinterest | Artistas, Estúdios, Fotos The female character on the right in the movie Ciao! Manhattan is the pioneer for this style Before Miu Miu’s famous apple bottom pants stirred the fashion world, Edie Sedgwick pioneered this style and conveyed it through the movie Ciao! Manhattan. When Miuccia Prada opened a new chapter with Miu Miu Chip on the Fall/Winter 2023 runway, these pants were dubbed as a bold design this season.

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Deciphering the current successes of Miu Miu

Miu Miu has shown us the image of a modern independent girl. Not only rejecting the old social norms but also representing straightforward and open-minded ideas.

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