Blokecore – When Football Love Meets Fashion

If you're tired of the usual luxurious handbags, here are some suggestions for high-end collectors!

It’s time for our intense love for the king of sports to make its strongest presence known!

If you're tired of the usual luxurious handbags, here are some suggestions for high-end collectors!
If you’re tired of the usual luxurious handbags, here are some suggestions for high-end collectors!

Is there anything more beautiful than the genuine meeting of fashion and passions or obsessions? Fashion always serves as the perfect “matchmaker” for all types of creativity, whether traditional, contemporary, intricate, or simple. As another transitional season arrives, amidst the myriad impressive “sums” we have witnessed recently as the fashion wheel once again spins vigorously with impressive runway shows, grand promotional campaigns,… from brands (global or domestic), Blokecore – the intersection of football and fashion, returns once again and quickly spreads among streetwear fashion enthusiasts.

Coined by Brandon Huntly on TikTok in December 2021, the Blokecore trend is used to describe a distinctive fashion style including football jerseys, jeans, and sneakers. The term “bloke” is English slang used to refer to men, often used in UK football culture. Nowadays, with design collaborations from renowned fashion houses like Giorgio Armani for the Italian national team, and Balenciaga with Rennes, football jerseys have become a true fashion item. (excerpt from L’Officiel USA)

What has made Blokecore attractive and turned it into a beloved trend with hundreds of millions of views and hashtags on social media platforms, not just another dull “jersey and shorts” affair as before? It seems we’ll have two answers to this, and the first, of course, is the love for football that Blokecore enthusiasts have for their favorite teams. That’s the core of the spirit and the characteristic of this style throughout the three decades (starting from the 90s). Do you love a particular team? Then wear their jersey, team cap, and confidently express your passion! This is what Blokecore wants to convey. Another reason why this trend continues to “ignite” and spread further is the nostalgic spirit preserved through the jerseys, accessories, and styling of those who pursue this style. Born in the 90s by pioneer Hector Bellerín (Spanish footballer), until now, despite the resonance with the times to be more suitable and with many changes in design and colors, football jerseys, in particular, or Blokecore, in general, still retain some nostalgic, vintage spirit, true to what they originally were, while still carrying a modern breath, not becoming outdated.

Not only occupying a certain place in streetwear, but Blokecore has also even made it onto the runway, “parading” as a look from collections of famous brands like Balenciaga, Adidas, Stella McCartney, or Moncler,…

According to L’Officiel, to pursue and build this style for yourself, first, you will need a football jersey, whether it’s from your favorite team, a classic jersey, or a product from a collaboration between a team and a sports brand like Nike, Adidas, etc., jeans, or trousers. And why not experiment with a tennis dress and sneakers or even a pair of elegant high heels? There may be rules somewhere, but on the streets, everything is fair game, and you have the right to master the game with your own style.

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