8 “aesthetic” from the “TikTok trend universe” shaping the fashion landscape of 2023

8 "aesthetic" from the "TikTok trend universe" shaping the fashion landscape of 2023

Amidst the whirlwind of trend cycles driven by TikTok, there are 8 names that stand out the most, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts, and shaping the entire fashion landscape of 2023.

8 "aesthetic" from the "TikTok trend universe" shaping the fashion landscape of 2023
8 “aesthetic” from the “TikTok trend universe” shaping the fashion landscape of 2023

Summary of Content

  1. Quiet-luxury: When wealth doesn’t need to “speak” for itself
  2. Old Money – The power of vintage beauty
  3. Barbiecore – The comeback of pink-loving dolls
  4. Mermaidcore – The mesmerizing allure of mermaids
  5. Balletcore – Romantic ballet dance
  6. Bimbocore – Blonde hair, long legs, but… “not short on brains”
  7. Coquette – Dreamy femininity
  8. Blokette: When the athletic spirit of Blokecore meets the feminine beauty of Coquette

With the infiltration of advanced technology combined with the open-mindedness of “obedient sheep,” the fashion era of 2023 “welcomes” everyone. That luxurious and dazzling world has now become accessible to a wider audience than ever before. That creative “territory” is no longer governed by “underground” rules that few understand. Instead, fashion in 2023 is shaped by trends, especially those initiated on every corner of TikTok.

Before the prevalence of TikTok, new standards or trends were typically “predicted” by designers and their collections. However, at this point in time, the power of TikTok has shifted the landscape. Trends favored on this platform have gradually become new creative inspirations for designers to interpret on the runway. Throughout the 12 long months, fashion has been dominated by a plethora of trends or broader aesthetics. Before catching up with newer trends, let’s bid farewell to the fashion of 2023 with the 8 aesthetics most favored by enthusiasts!

  1. Quiet-luxury: When wealth doesn’t need to “speak” for itself In the past, the presence of logos on designs was seen as a specific symbol of brand sophistication. However, today, the brand value story is told in a more understated manner. The sophistication, luxury, and opulence once boldly displayed are now concealed by valuable craftsmanship, precise tailoring techniques, exquisite silhouette construction, meticulous material treatments, and even the subtle placement of brand logos,… all to create enduring creative imprints on the flow of time.

The logomania game ended to make way for the sensation known as quiet-luxury. Since then, expensive and high-quality clothing without logos has gradually been seen as a disguise for the wealthy. From the success of the “Succession” series to Gwyneth Paltrow’s “wardrobe,” quiet-luxury has defined its position in the fashion world. The particular allure of silent luxury not only extends to the latest collections of renowned brands (even haute couture designs), but also to the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts.

Across TikTok and reputable articles, netizens have enthusiastically explored the wardrobes of celebrities or immersed themselves in the allure of quiet-luxury. Iconic It-girls like Kylie and Kendall Jenner or Sofia Richie have also brought quiet-luxury closer to the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts. The emergence of this aesthetic, evoking modesty from this wealthy elite, has blurred the “class” divide in the fashion world.

  1. Old Money – The power of vintage beauty Not a particularly new trend, “Old Money” has long been identified as a fashion aesthetic focusing on classic beauty, creative values, and timeless elegance. “Old Money” is a clearer version of the fashion style of the upper class, or the “sister” of the quiet-luxury trend. Old Money helps us imagine what the wealthy wear more easily, like a white Chanel cashmere sweater and Ralph Lauren custom-made, elegant hats, classic loafers, polo shirts, well-fitted blazers paired with khaki pants,… As if we were meeting the descendants of Tom and Daisy Buchanan.

The aesthetic of Old Money in fashion would not be complete without being placed alongside luxury yacht trips, lavish banquets with Dom Pérignon wine, or the dazzling scenery of Lake Como. In stark contrast to the overwhelming opulence of luxury, Old Money outfits are characterized by simplicity, elegance, from design to color. This fashion trend or aesthetic is also considered a new version of the preppy style that was popular in previous decades. When Old Money was discussed fervently on TikTok, we had the opportunity (once again) to admire the refined fashion of fashion icon Princess Diana; or the old programs and ads of Ralph Lauren. Not only the Princess of Wales, but Sofia Richie is also one of the enthusiastic endorsers of this classic fashion aesthetic. Searches for “Old Money” peaked after her wedding in April. The bride wore three custom Chanel dresses during the wedding week held at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in southern France. Of course, everything was very luxurious but still maintained elegance and sophistication.

  1. Barbiecore – The comeback of pink-loving dolls The fashion landscape of Barbiecore was completed in the summer with the highly anticipated “Barbie” movie. From clothing, accessories, makeup to hair styling, the promotional press tours of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s film propelled the Barbiecore trend to its most exciting moments. Barbiecore brought with it the popularity of pink, the hot pink color of Valentino once again mentioned across all platforms. Not exaggerating, Barbiecore is the most anticipated trend in the fashion world after the Y2K explosion. Surprisingly, Barbiecore has lasted longer than expected and the predictions of fashion experts. The flawless, perfect appearance of Barbie dolls has been mimicked in a series of collections by many renowned fashion houses from Chanel to Versace. Barbie also collaborated with famous brands such as Balmain, Vans, Gap, Crocs,… to create collections with its distinctive aesthetic. Not only on the runway, but TikTok also brings “living dolls” in more realistic

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