6 Fashion Moments That Made Waves in the Fashion Scene in 2024

6 Fashion Moments That Made Waves in the Fashion Scene in 2024

Before embarking on a new fashion era in 2024, these 6 stirring fashion moments will help us recap 2023 effortlessly.

6 Fashion Moments That Made Waves in the Fashion Scene in 2024
6 Fashion Moments That Made Waves in the Fashion Scene in 2024

Summary: Gwyneth Paltrow and the quiet-luxury wardrobe in court Jacob Elordi and the “It-Bags” collection Doja Cat and the fashion week battleground Kendall Jenner in masterpieces by Phoebe Philo Troye Sivan and the “One Of Your Girls” music video Kendrick Lamar and Martine Rose’s look at the 2023 Grammy Awards

2023 marked a true “fashion comeback” milestone. After a period of crisis due to the pandemic, prestigious fashion red carpets began to roll out, and the competition for fashion statements at renowned fashion weeks gradually picked up pace. Thus, the fashion scene throughout 2023 never ceased to be vibrant. Not only did it witness a series of impressive runway shows and notable debuts from new creative directors, but fashion in 2023 also left many iconic imprints from various appearances and moments. Beyond high-end fashion shows, fashion in the past year was shaped by appearances on the red carpet, street photography, and even in court. Think of Gwyneth Paltrow “dispersing” the strong aura of quiet-luxury in courtrooms or Doja Cat’s bedazzled looks from head to toe. All the “earth-shaking” moments in the fashion world last year are summarized below:

Gwyneth Paltrow and the quiet-luxury wardrobe in court Transforming a courtroom into a fashion runway is not unfamiliar to celebrities when faced with legal proceedings. Throughout the fashion history, the fashion world has witnessed numerous “shocking” appearances in courtrooms. For instance, Winona Ryder’s Marc Jacobs dress, Naomi Campbell’s Alaïa ensemble, or Cardi B’s extravagant fur collection… However, what caught the attention with subtle elegance rather than flashy glamour was actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who conquered the fashion community with a notably understated courtroom style.

Appearing in court for the Utah skiing accident case, the American actress captivated the press with a series of chic outfits made from premium cashmere, tweed, nappa leather, and dyed in a sophisticated color palette. All from Prada, The Row, Celine, and her own brand – G.Label. Taking place at the initial stage when the quiet-luxury trend was just emerging, Gwyneth Paltrow’s courtroom wardrobe became the opening shot for the “earth-shaking” phenomenon called “silent luxury.”

Jacob Elordi and the “It-Bags” collection Fashion in 2023 brought a host of “It-Boys” with unique fashion styles. One of them is the young actor Jacob Elordi. The “Euphoria” star stirred up the fashion world not only with grand appearances on the red carpet or in the front row at fashion shows but also by becoming the subject of much discussion with his luxurious bags, especially those not originally designed for men.

Time and time again, from one brand to another, even just strolling down the street for a regular coffee, Jacob challenged traditional fashion norms by accessorizing with the hottest bags of the moment. One of the instances where Jacob left a mark on the “fashion race” was when he carried a quilted Chanel bag, paired with a simple white shirt and gray trousers, while appearing alongside Sofia Coppola, or the Bottega Veneta Andiamo he carried while strolling the streets of LA in a jersey sweater and Nike shoes.

Jacob Elordi is not the first man to carry handbags, but in the open-minded fashion era of 2023, his confident use of handbags in various outfits became a strong “commitment” to the power of accessories in the realm of men’s fashion.

Doja Cat and the fashion week battleground Before achieving musical success, 2023 was an exciting playground for Doja Cat in the fashion world. The female rapper left behind a series of most iconic moments while stepping into each fashion week. A straightforward farewell to her long feminine hair marked the beginning of a new era for Doja – one that is bold, multifaceted, and much more.

From the beginning of 2023, Doja challenged herself by participating in a series of shows within the framework of the Haute Couture Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2023 season. Keeping true to the creative spirit of Couture fashion laboratories, Doja treated the fashion world and fans to a series of bold and unique looks. The owner of the hit “Paint The Town Red” played with fashion and beauty. One of them was when Doja shook up the fashion scene, becoming a true trendsetter with a look adorned with 30,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals, paired with a red outfit from the Schiaparelli fashion house.

Kendall Jenner in masterpieces by Phoebe Philo The comeback of the “queen of minimalism” Phoebe Philo was one of the most impressive milestones in fashion in 2023. The sweet cut lines, jewelry adorned with the word “Mum,” or the luxurious oversized totes – Phoebe Philo sparked endless discussions about minimalist style.

One of the people who helped spread Phoebe’s influence in this comeback in a more intimate way was model Kendall Jenner, who recently (once again) became the center of attention in the fashion world as the unofficial ambassador of the brand. Kendall came to Aspens to wear a sable fur coat, attracting all the flashlights from the press with a leather coat with an asymmetrical cut or a trench coat in natural tones.

Troye Sivan and the “One Of Your Girls” music video 2023 was a golden milestone in Troye Sivan’s career. He conquered the music market from one hit to another, from “Rush” to “Got Me Started.” As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Troye expressed his personality strongly through both lyrics and fashion language. The messages conveyed in each music video were powerful, resonating with iconic imagery. “One Of Your Girls” is one of them.

In the music video, Troye created a moment that rocked pop culture, transforming into the legendary “pop princess,” Britney Spears. Styled by Dara Allen in provocative lingerie and multi-layered underwear from Gucci under Tom Ford.

Kendrick Lamar and Martine Rose’s look at the 2023 Grammy Awards The rich intersection between fashion and hip-hop has long been established. One of the representatives of this relationship at the current time is none other than rapper Kendrick Lamar. As a famous fashion enthusiast, Kendrick continued to leave an impressive milestone on his fashion journey with his appearance at the prestigious Grammy Awards in 2023.

Appearing at the 2023 Grammy Awards, Kendrick chose to take his own path, no longer “accompanying” traditional well-tailored suits, instead opting for a look from Martine Rose. It was a complete outfit from Martine Rose’s Fall 2023 collection, including a “fashionable mistake” pair of trousers, paired with an office-style shirt, complemented by a colorful patterned tie, topped with a rugged trench coat, and finally completed with chunky sneakers from the Nike collaboration. With a rugged, very “street” or “hip-hop culture” vibe, Kendrick

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