3 HOT TREND Colors 2024 – Updating Outdoor Fashion Trends

3 HOT TREND Colors 2024 - Updating Outdoor Fashion Trends

According to predictions from various media outlets, especially fashion magazines, butterfly blue is set to be the standout color in fashion for 2024. Designers will incorporate this color as the focal point in their spring-summer collections.

3 HOT TREND Colors 2024 - Updating Outdoor Fashion Trends
3 HOT TREND Colors 2024 – Updating Outdoor Fashion Trends

Life becomes more beautiful with colors. Each year, color trends evolve to meet the increasing demands of the fashion industry. It’s anticipated that new colors will emerge in 2024. Below are details about the 3 hottest color trends for 2024, garnering significant attention. From there, Gothiar suggests some outdoor outfits to keep up with the 2024 color trends.

  1. Butterfly Blue

As predicted by numerous media outlets, especially fashion magazines, butterfly blue is expected to be the prominent color trend in 2024 fashion. Designers will make this color the centerpiece of their spring-summer collections.

Butterfly blue boasts a bright, lively color similar to that of butterfly wings in nature. This vibrant color exudes vitality and energy, enhancing the wearer’s youthful and dynamic appearance. Additionally, this shade of blue is easy to mix and match with other colors, providing a sense of relaxation and joy.

Not only will this color be applied in clothing design, but it’s also expected to make appearances in various other aspects. This includes accessories, footwear, and interior decoration.

Gothiar suggests outdoor clothing in butterfly blue, a prevalent trend in 2024:

Gothiar 2-layer Windbreaker – Butterfly Blue

Featuring the characteristic blue color, this Gothiar 2-layer windbreaker is undoubtedly a suitable choice to complement the prominent fashion color of 2024.

Product Highlights of Gothiar 2-layer Windbreaker:

Material: Gore-Tex fabric technology easily meets various environmental tests. The outer layer is waterproof and scratch-resistant, while the mesh lining with PU coating is waterproof and windproof yet breathable. It keeps you warm in cold weather and dry when sweating. Design: The Gothiar jacket applies a multifunctional 2-layer design with a zippered pocket system from outside to inside, ventilation zippers under the arms, a dual-adjustable hood, etc. Every measurement, silhouette, and feature is carefully considered to provide a perfect fit, comfort, breathability, and optimal performance during movement, suitable for wearing or layering. The jacket comes with a convenient adjustable hood at the back to protect your head from the cold. The inner lining of the Gothiar 2-layer jacket is made of mesh, keeping you warm while ensuring breathability. Price: 595,000 VND

  1. Gold Yellow

While ordinary yellow may pose some challenges in terms of outfit coordination, gold yellow is a different story. Gold yellow is seen on various runways of Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Roksanda, Di Petsa, Alberta Ferretti, and Vivienne Westwood.

This color is deemed suitable for bold personalities who like to stand out, bringing a sense of luxury and personality to the wearer. Hence, it’s predicted to be a trending color in 2024. If you love outdoor fashion and want to keep up with the popular color trends, gold yellow is definitely an option not to be overlooked.

Gothiar suggests outdoor outfits in gold yellow, a hot trend in 2024:

Gothiar Active Long Sleeve Dry Shirt – Gold Yellow

The quick-drying long-sleeved shirt is made from quick-drying fabric with UV50+ standard, protecting the skin from the impact of UV rays. It’s an ideal choice for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and mountain climbing. These shirts are cool, comfortable, and help maintain dry and safe skin in all weather conditions.

Product Highlights of Gothiar Active Long Sleeve Dry Shirt – Gold Yellow:

Fast-evaporating technology, quick-drying, providing a refreshing feeling UPF 50 UV protection technology The shirt features 3 front pockets, 2 large pockets and 1 small pocket for storing small items like multitools Material: 100% polyester Trendy gold yellow color, bold and stylish Real feedback photos from Gothiar customers Price: 429,000 VND

  1. Lavender Haze

Also known as Lavender Haze, this color is a hot trend in 2024 favored by many Gen Z individuals. Lavender Haze exudes sophistication, gentleness, with a touch of dreaminess and romance. It’s suitable for those who appreciate gentleness and femininity yet still desire a touch of elegance.

This joyful color is seen on knitted sweaters from Michael Kors, H&M, Stradivarius, denim pants from Masha Popova, short dresses from Coach, satin clothes from Tom Ford. Maison Margiela, Supriya Lele, and Issey Miyake are also promoting this color.

Gothiar suggests outdoor outfits in Lavender Haze, a hot trend in 2024:

Gothiar 2-layer Jacket – Lavender

An essential consideration when choosing outdoor clothing is meeting requirements for waterproofing, windproofing, as well as high breathability and quick-drying capabilities of fabrics. The Gothiar 2-layer jacket fulfills all these requirements, making it the top choice for outdoor activities, outdoor sports, in various weather conditions, terrains, and different levels of professionalism.

Keeping up with the 2024 color trends, the Gothiar 2-layer jacket in Lavender is undoubtedly a choice that you won’t regret, making you stylish, trendy, and in line with the upcoming 2024 trends.

Price: 595,000 VND

These are the 3 colors predicted to be the “hot trend” fashion colors in 2024. Along with that are Gothiar’s suggestions for outdoor clothing to make you stylish, trendy, and keep up with the upcoming 2024 trends. Visit the official Gothiar website for the latest information on outdoor fashion!

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